little about kupang

minggu-minggu yang melelahkan berada di pulau orang, he….,, okey.. aku akan bercerita sedikit tentang kota kupang he..


Kupang is the Capital of East Nusa Tenggara Province, the capital of kupang regency and the capital of kupang municipality. this city becomes very important because it constitutes not only the seat of goverment and economy but also the centrl goverment of kupang regency and east nusa tenggara province.

the superiority of kupang city is that it makes up an entrance gate for big cities and provinces all over Indonesia, as well as foreign countries. beside that, kupang also becomes a transit spot both from big cities all over Indonesia and from abroad to reach regencies and citiest in East Nusa Tenggara Province. In kupang, there have been international standart airport and harbor. thus, with the variety of its
inadequacies, kupang keeps straightening up tocreate a city of love Charity, fascinating and attractive to visit constanttly.

Kupang City has some tourist nresort to visit as follows; lasiana beach, hero monument, the forest area of kelapa satu beach, flobara beach, flobamora mall ltd, regional museum of east nusa tenggara. lasiana beach is in lasiana village, kelapa lima sub district. its about 12 km to the east of kupang city. it is a white sand beach with calm water; sosonut leaves waving and fascinating shadow of palm trees.

Hero monument, a historical monument, in front of which the five principles of the pancasila is at tached, gives evidence  how persevere and brave the timorese were in struggling against the colonization of Dutch and Japan. this monument is located exactly at the central of kupang downtown, at the Kopean beach lane and concordia fortress of dutch, which is now placed by batallion infantry 743 kupang.



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6 responses to “little about kupang

  1. mong ngomong,,
    mas dari kupang rupanya..


  2. oleh2 nya bung dr kupang, jgn lupa lo

  3. @ Zulfanahrielly
    iya… he.. just walking-walking

    @ noki
    gelem kodew kupang ta?

  4. aLe

    weks, endi kodew kupang-e 😀 mak nyus pora 😛

  5. tenang aja mas ale, mak nyus pol-polan pokoke

  6. amey

    q juga ngefans ma kota kupang!!!

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